What is Polydatin

Natural treatment that improves organism health and normalizes inflammatory response

Improves immune response

There are several factors that can lower immune defenses: extreme cold or heat, humidity, hormonal imbalances, stress, and fatigue. By following a proper diet, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and appropriate dietary supplementation, the immune system can be significantly strengthened. Polidatine neutralizes cellular damage, thus protecting organism health.

Alleviates itchiness

Itchiness can be caused by various factors, such as prolonged exposure to UV rays, allergies, insect bites, or dryness, while others may be psychological in nature, like stress and anxiety. Respecting the skin's natural pH, restoring its elasticity, and deeply nourishing it with suitable products alleviate itchiness and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Prevents redness and inflammation

Sensitive skin is more vulnerable and prone to factors that can weaken it: bacteria, temperature fluctuations, unsuitable products, etc. To avoid dryness, flaking, a feeling of tightness, loss of elasticity, or premature aging, it is important to take daily care with appropriate products. Polidal strengthens the skin barrier, respects its pH, enhances the immune system, and restores brightness and health.

Soothes irritations

Delicate skin is more susceptible to redness and inflammations caused by various factors: excessive sun exposure, food allergies or intolerances, seasonal changes, use of unsuitable products, and stress. In such cases, using suitable and effective products restores and normalizes the damaged skin, giving it back its health and beaut

Makes skin bright and healthy

Polidatine is the ultimate antioxidant, 50 times more effective than the resveratrol found in grape skins. It restores the proper cellular balance, combats the formation of free radicals, and gives the skin elasticity, radiance, and health. POLIDAL has a powerful anti-aging effect and multiple beneficial actions, including anti-inflammatory properties and immune system reinforcement.

Resveratrol and Polidatine


- Polidatine is a completely natural molecule, totally bioavailable.
- Thanks to an active transport mechanism that utilizes glucose transporters, it reaches all cells, including those in the skin, in very high concentrations.
- The transport of polidatine through the cell membrane is active and occurs at a high speed.
- It has no side effects.


- Resveratrol is poorly bioavailable (1-2%), and it reaches cells, particularly those in the skin, in very low concentrations.
- Resveratrol enters human cells poorly, undergoing a "difficult passage" through the cell membrane.
- The intake of resveratrol at high dosages (up to 5 g per day) for 3 weeks resulted in the onset of side effects in 21% of cases, such as diarrhea and bowel disorders.
- The side effects observed with the use of resveratrol at high doses are a direct consequence of its poor bioavailability.

Polidatine, naturally present, is the solution to these problems. Polidatine is the first choice for intracellular and extracellular antioxidant treatment.

Biological activities of polidatine and resveratrol


- It has a powerful anti-free radical activity.
- It reduces oxidative stress on cells and tissues


- Only at low doses does it reduce oxidative stress on cells and tissues, while at high concentrations, it acts as a pro-oxidant.
- Polidatine is, therefore, the first choice against intracellular and extracellular free radicals.

How cells function

Maintaining the structural and functional integrity of the cell is essential for the health of all living beings. Some substances, called cytotoxic, interact with cell components, causing the loss of its integrity.

Numerous physiological and pathological processes increase the production of oxidizing substances, called free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can cause damage to the cell membrane, leading to oxidative stress, underlying inflammation, and the cause of many diseases and cell aging. "Oxidative stress" is, in fact, the variation of the normal intracellular balance between oxidizing substances, produced physiologically during metabolic processes, and the antioxidant defense system that neutralizes them. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules produced in our bodies.

They are, therefore, an independent risk factor that requires specific treatment with substances that are anti-free radicals and have antioxidant activity. All organisms that use oxygen, especially humans, have developed excellent antioxidant defense systems, consisting of enzymatic antioxidants and molecules of nutritional origin.

What are antioxidants

Enzymes or simpler molecules capable of countering the harmful action of oxygen-containing free radicals (ROS), protecting cells.

They can be primary, or preventive, and prevent or delay oxidation by removing or inhibiting the oxidizing agent, or secondary, which interrupt oxidation once it has begun.

The antioxidant can interrupt the oxidative chain by removing intermediate radicals and preventing the continuation of the reaction.

When the body is subjected to a high load of oxidizing species, it tries to react by producing greater quantities of antioxidant enzymes. This mechanism underlies the beneficial effect of moderate and regular physical activity. However, when the body's antioxidant defense system is unable to provide effective protection to oxidizable substances, especially if present for prolonged periods, a situation called "oxidative stress" occurs, which requires the use of antioxidant molecules of nutritional origin, such as polidatine.

Published on 03 Aug 2023

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