Royal Jelly and Honey Food Supplement

Food Supplement containing Royal Jelly and Honey, natural substances that have always been known for their beneficial tonic-energetic effects

The use of Royal Jelly is especially indicated for children and the elderly. As for adults, it is especially the debilitated, overworked, weakened, and neurasthenic who will be able, more than others, to appreciate the beneficial effects.
Among the benefits experienced by people taking royal jelly for prolonged periods have been: increased levels of well-being, an energizing effect against fatigue, improved intellectual and memory performance, and improvements in mood.

Royal Jelly is a product of animal origin, secreted by worker bees only between days 6 and 14 of adult life; larvae that take it become queen bees. It is considered one of the richest energy foods and a hive can produce only 500 g per summer season. Royal Jelly remains effective only when kept at low humidity and low temperature. It appears as a creamy substance with an aromatic and sour smell and a slightly burning acidic taste.

Biogel is available in 4 sizes, based on the concentration of Royal Jelly contained within.
Biogel 500
is indicated for Adults and Sportsmen and the Elderly (Contains 500 mg of Royal Jelly)
Biogel 200 is indicated for Teens (Contains 200 mg of Royal Jelly)
Biogel 100 is indicated for Children (Contains 100 mg of Royal Jelly)

1 vial daily, in the morning on an empty stomach.

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